Sunday, October 7, 2012

More info on Christmas Ornaments

I was going through some of the comments here on my blog and realized I completely missed one from 2010!! I was just starting out and didn't know how to work the comments back then. Soooo, my apologies, scrappin_3rdeeschick! Here is some information on the clear Christmas ornaments (albeit two years later) :(

You will need:
Clear Christmas ornaments - I got mine at Hobby Lobby
Double sided coordinating paper
Paper cutter

Cut the double sided paper to the width you would prefer; if using 12x12 paper, cut the strip in half after you cut the length of it.  After removing the top of the ornament, wrap one strip around the pencil and then push the pencil, with the paper still around it, carefully into the opening of the ornament. Repeat until you are happy with the contents of the ornament.  Place topper back onto ornament, then adorn with ribbon.

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