Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Ornament with Matching Card

My son and I made this for his teacher for Christmas. It was quick, easy and he enjoyed making something for his "favorite teacher in the world". :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Done transferring from my website

Well, I am done transferring everything over from my website.  I will be decommissioning the website soon, so this will be the place to be! Thanks again for looking. I hope to have more photos and projects to post soon!

It's Halloween!!

I had fun creating these blocks and then decorating our front entrance. Best part is, I used things I already had and everything else I found on sale!

More info on Christmas Ornaments

I was going through some of the comments here on my blog and realized I completely missed one from 2010!! I was just starting out and didn't know how to work the comments back then. Soooo, my apologies, scrappin_3rdeeschick! Here is some information on the clear Christmas ornaments (albeit two years later) :(

You will need:
Clear Christmas ornaments - I got mine at Hobby Lobby
Double sided coordinating paper
Paper cutter

Cut the double sided paper to the width you would prefer; if using 12x12 paper, cut the strip in half after you cut the length of it.  After removing the top of the ornament, wrap one strip around the pencil and then push the pencil, with the paper still around it, carefully into the opening of the ornament. Repeat until you are happy with the contents of the ornament.  Place topper back onto ornament, then adorn with ribbon.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scrapbook Layouts

March 13, 2011
I created this layout using the SU!(c) My Digital Studio. I had so much fun creating digital scrapbooks to give as Christmas presents last year. This layout was done using the pre-formatted templates available in the MDS software (Sunny Days). If you are in a hurry to get things done, this is the way to go! Never thought I'd enjoy digital scrapbooking as much as I do.

October 3, 2010
I created this layout using the SU!(c) My Digital Studio. It is very simple, but I know that the more I play with the software, the better my layouts will become.

February 27, 2010
I just realized it's been over a year since I have actually scrapbooked! I've done plenty of other projects, but I need to get busy. My goal is to finish DS's 1st year sometime soon. : )

February 7, 2009

I am so excited. I actually got 5 double lo's done in one day. I took a day off this past week and just went for it. I went to one of our local scrapbook stores (LSS) and spent the day there. It helped that I had my paper picked out (for page and matting) and I had my designs created in Cricut Design Studio before I went to the LSS to scrap. Thanks for looking!!

January 25, 2009

Here we go... You will be able to see the transformation of my scrapbook know-how and application. I don't journal on every page, only when I feel there is a real story told that doesn't already come across with the layout or embellishments. I still have so much I have yet to learn about this hobby and I've been working at this for 5 years!! HaHaHa! 
My family often gives me a hard time about some of the pictures I put in these books. Some are not the most flattering, not even of me. I figure, hey, that's what real life is about right? I'm not going to keep a picture of me out just because I'm not looking my best - life is too short for that. So DON'T LAUGH!!  LOL! Hope you enjoy...

Daughter's First Year

This is my DD's 1st year scrapbook. I've only put a few of the layouts on here.  This was way before I discovered the double LO that you will see later... I hand drew borders around pictures or used a computer program that automatically put borders around the pictures.

Can you tell I love glitter?  Oh, yeah - and stickers - lots and lots of stickers!!
I was so excited about this page... I couldn't believe I found 12x12 paper that matched her 1st BDay party decorations to a 'T'!

Son's First Year

My DS's book is nowhere near complete, but here is a sampling of what I have so far.
I used my Cricut machine for this double LO.
These would be some of the unflattering photos I was talking about.  HaHaHa!!
This next LO is one of my favorites. I was goofing around with the camera one day and it produced some of my favorite pictures of all time! I used my Cricut machine to cut out the baby silhouette and feet. The cartridge used was New Arrival.
Title cut using Plantin Schoolbook cartridge with Cricut...
I used multiple Cricut cartridges for the following page...

Family Scrapbook Layouts

Here are some LO's from our family scrapbooks. I have Vol. 1 done and am working on Vol. 2.

Pictures of our cutie patootie DD...


Halloween LO's. If you haven't been able to figure it out already, I love layering paper!! The 2nd LO was done using my Cricut. I used multiple cartridges.

How do you scrap golf and fishing? Well, here are my attempts... I really like the golf LO. My hubby's family are the golfers in all the photos. I had to do a LO of hubby's fishing trip with his friend Jimmy. It was apparently freezing cold but they caught some big fish on that trip.


I tried the 'puzzle' technique on these pictures. All I can say is make sure you draw your grid on the back of the picture and number the squares in order so it's easy to put back together after you cut the pictures.

Drum roll, please.... This has got to be my favorite LO of ALL!! I was tickled pink when I did this one. This was waaaayyyy before I got my Cricut and I hand cut all the petal layers. I used my Fiskars cutting system to cut the pictures in petal shapes and then I layered white paper and green paper that I cut by hand to maintain the shape. I used the same cutting system to make the soccer balls that I did the journaling in. I'm glad I was able to make something of all the photos we forgot to send out when DD was playing soccer.  : )

Thanks so much for looking!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting rid of other website

I've decided to get rid of my official website, so I will start transferring all of my posts over here to my blog.  I will try not to duplicate anything here on my blog, but if I do please accept my apologies ahead of time.  :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm back home!

I survived my deployment and now I'm back home. I've actually been home for a couple of months. Today I crafted and it felt great! I made three cards and can't wait to make more!