Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My first blog award!! Thank you, Scrappin_3rdeeschik!

1. Post the prize on my blog
2. Mention the blogger who tagged me
3. Give the prize to 5 friends
4. Post on my blog the link to their blog
5. Announce to everyone on their blog
6. Make a list with 10 things that I like

Thank you for my VERY FIRST blog award, Meighen Montagnese!! I am so excited. How cool is this? Here are 5 of my favorites:

10 things that I like:
1. Time with my family and best friends
2. Stampin' Up! (c)
3. My Cricut
4. Laughing 'til I cry
5. My Big Shot
6. Patterned paper
7. Paper punches
8. Ribbon, Ribbon, and more Ribbon!!
9. My crafty friends who help me get through a rut with their inspiration
10. Making my children laugh - it's the best feeling in the world!


  1. Thank you for the blog award. I'm so glad that you like my blog. I truly love maintaining it. I learn so much along the way.

    Congratulations to you also on the award. That is great!!!

  2. OH Dawn, you are soooo sweet!! thank you for the award!! I was not able to link it from the email you sent but saw you on the thread and followed you here. Congrats on your first award hon and thank you so very much!!!